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Marketing Services

For marketing, we provide assistance in media planning, including ATL, BTL and Digital Marketing services. Media planning is all about identifying the right target audience and finding the right mix of available options to reach them – TBC masters this art because at TBC, we understand the brand value before proposing a media plan. Other than media planning and strategizing the marketing moves, TBC has expertise in Digital Marketing – led by the pioneer of Digital Marketing in the region.

We also provide services such as Mystery Shopping and Customer Advocacy – intended to create and improve the brand image amongst the masses.

More specifically, our marketing services include, but are not restricted to:

1) Marketing Strategy
2) Media Planning
3) Digital Marketing
4) Mystery Shopping
5) Customer Advocacy

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Direct Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Media Planning

Management Services

In terms of management services, we assist our partners in resolving their internal management issues that in-turn reflect the health of their brand from the exterior. Strong and effective management makes a company stronger and that is what we intend to achieve via our experience and enthusiasm.

More specifically, our management services include, but are not restricted to:

1) Management Problem Solving
2) Organizational Behavior & Development
3) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & Manuals

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Problem Solving
Organizational Behavior & Development
Standard Operating Procedures

Human Resource Services

In the section of human resources, our services include hiring and training and development. Hiring the right people and developing the talent in a wanted manner are the key to success for building a business because it is people who make or break a company so in turn it’s the people who define a brand – this is why TBC play its magic by assisting businesses in these areas.

More specifically, our human resource services include, but are not restricted to:

1) Recruitment & Selection
2) Training & Development
-> Soft Skills
->Business Skills
a) Marketing
b) Sales
c) Management
d) Human Resource Management
e)Supply Chain Management

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Recruitment & Selection
Training & Development
Soft Skills & Business Skills

Youth Development Programs

We strongly believe that today’s youth is the nation’s tomorrow. Following the same principle, we have developed a program targeted primarily to the youth whereby our team visits institutions and assists in grooming youth, and providing them career and educational counseling services to ensure that our youth is well equipped and aware to face the challenges of tomorrow.
More specifically, our Youth Development Program includes, but is not restricted to:
1)Youth Grooming
2)Career Counseling
3) Educational Counseling

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Youth Grooming
Career Counseling
Educational Counseling

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