A quick guide on how to brand yourself

Personal branding is the process that uses your skills, personality and unique self and packages them into a strong identity and lifts you. Your personal brand is strong and clear idea comes of you whenever anyone thinks.  Your brand should be positive and should highlight your abilities.

  1. Let everyone know:
  2. Who are you
  3. What you do
  4. How you are different

A personal brand is all about influence. It influences how people in your market perceive you.

Your basic perception should be

  1. You are different
  2. You are superior
  3. You are authentic

Everyone has a personal image totally different from personal brand. It’s the collection of qualities people identify you with. Together these qualities help people to identify you.

A brand cannot be build overnight. Here are four personal brand commandments

  1. Brands take time to develop
  2. Brands grow organically
  3. Brands are not rational
  4. Brands demand consistency and clarity

There are five elements of personal branding:

  1. Personal brand management
  2. Personal marketing
  3. Customer service
  4. Public relations

Personal presentation