5 Actions for building Self-Confidence

The Greatest Leaders even lack the self-confidence certain times. Self-confidence is not any sort of quality or personality trait, it’s a mindset that seeks to get itself maintained when life becomes rough. Self Confidence must be learned, practiced and specialized just like many other skills.

Here are five energetic ways to develop your own self-confidence.

Dress with attitude

If you look better, you will feel better. If you select your dressing and accessories that fits on you perfectly and give you comfort feelings, this would gradually enhance your self-esteem. Suit yourself up for success. Do not hesitate to let your personality gloss in your accessories. Colorful tie or a bold jewelry can be center point.

Speak Confidently

Speak confidently whenever you will listen to your favorite presenter / speaker next time, observe the way she or he delivers a speech. A powerful speaker speaks confidently, uses his body language and gestures to engage. Be mindful that how rhythmic and steady tone is used by her/him. Instead of “ahs” and “umms” they use breaks to deliver and emphasize ideas.

Use an energetic and assertive way of communicating that resembles your self-confidence. You will soon notice that your self-esteem is going high. To be marked your conversation seriously, ignore High-Pitched, twittering giggles or nervous chatter. People will pay more attention to your words when they will look the leader beam in you.

Feel and act positively

Positive energy generates positive and fruitful outcomes, so set your brain to the “Can Do” skill of any scenario, ignoring the narrow self-talk could make you feel less confident. Smile, be positive and envelop yourself with positive and happy people. You would feel better and the people whom you are working with will be pleased with your company.

Remind yourself the high and positive points of your day. Remember your accomplishments and you will develop more confidence and peace which will assist you to keep grateful state of mind.


There’s something more except being confident than just how you look. You have to adopt more habits. You can walk up to a stranger at a social event, or accept a presentation you’d normally deny. Practice to do the tasks which you were unable to do due to lack of self-confidence and correct them. As an exercise, Jot down your weaknesses and strengths you want to overcome. You will be asked to work on your weaknesses by many of your mates but use your strengths and capitalize your self-confidence. By this way you can automatically kill your weaknesses.

Five Ps

Always remember the Five P’s of success “Prior planning prevents poor performance”. The more prepared you will the more confident you will feel about your competency. Preparation would assist you to save from life’s unexpected traps and puzzles.

Do not puzzle yourself in the tasks and situation you are not capable to do. Make a proper planning and check the level of your self-esteem, once you are good then do it.