4 Disasters Entrepreneurs should avoid

4 Disasters Entrepreneurs should avoid

When you are starting a business venture, you are not completely sure about the execution plan. In fact, on many occasions you feel completely lost about the nature of the business in which you are going to put your hands on. Don’t worry these problems are faced by every entrepreneur in the early stairs of business.

Following FOUR major mistakes are done by New Starters

Swim for Luxuries

Mostly entrepreneurs easily get over excited when starting out. They want luxuries office, new furniture, a peon & outdoor clerk. Expenses get bigger and bigger and Entrepreneur’s start up finished with a Failure story so in that case entrepreneurs should search for Low rent office.

CEO’s Drawing room

Entrepreneurs should not feel like CEO of any Multinational Company after starting the business. Lack of punctuality, depending on the employees and limitation to the desk creates gap between the incubator and work this leads to failure story. Entrepreneur should perform all round performance in early stages of the business for example direct handling of the Clients / customers, outdoor meet ups, Sales touch ups etc.

Follow up stays on Ground ZERO

Follow ups are the essence of new businesses. When you start your company your first clients/Customers are usually from your friend list of family. They are ever ready to pay feedback about the quality of service or product.do not become deaf and follow their feedback. Entrepreneurs should do regular follow ups for the feedback and they should also make follow ups to bring the Sales/order on the bench.

Fearing failure

Many New companies come up with a great Idea of business and a great execution too but the fail of fear cause a BREAK to their success. Every day in business is different to the new one. New problems come with a new day, a genuine entrepreneur is not one who backs off on new questions on hurdles, and instead they are the ones who deliver their best solution of the hurdles on their way. One should never fear the failure because fear the failure means be the Failure.